This Guest paper was submitted for publication, August 7, 2021.
It is copyright to Henrico Dolfing © 2021.
Published here October 2021

PART 1 | Introduction to Part 2  | Time | Budget 
Making Project Success Measurable | Closing Thoughts | Postscript

With the capabilities we discussed in Part 1 as our starting point, we are now going to look at project delivery success as they apply to any project.

Defining Project Delivery Success

Beware the time-driven project with an artificial deadline. — Michael S. Dobson

Project delivery success has to do with defining the criteria by which a project can deliver as intended. Essentially, this addresses the classic triangle of scope including quality, time, and budget. Project delivery success is limited to the duration of the project to the extent that success can be measured as soon as the project is officially completed. This assumes that intermediary measures have been taken along the way as part of the project's control processes. Considering that we have already defined scope (in the previous section on capabilities), we are left to define time and budget.

Part 1 - Editor's Note  PART 1

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