This Guest paper was submitted for publication in December 2020.
It is copyright to Frank Hamilton.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Communication and Language Barrier Challenges 
Cultural Differences | Time Zones & Religious Holidays
Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools | In Conclusion

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Economic forces that shaped the current global economy are globalization and free-market philosophy. These forces challenge organizations to improve their performance by creating new demands and needs from customers. This competition compels organizations to devise cheaper, faster and better products and services. To continue or improve their competitive advantage on the international market, these global forces (globalization and free-market) have changed the way we manage projects.

These concepts are not new. It is the availability of improved technology and their application that has changed how we see these concepts. Due to the decline in the cost of communication and Internet access, more companies are shifting towards a more decentralized structure. Consequently, organizations now have access to a deeper pool of talent from all over the world, and at reduced costs.

It is now commonplace for organizations to manage their projects using virtual teams. Project management involving people you see every day is quite challenging and complex. Managing international projects is replete with more complexities and challenges. To solve these challenges, project managers need a unique project management approach. Let us take a look at some of the challenges.

In this paper, project managers will find the information they need for engaging in international projects.


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