David H. Curling,
B.Eng (Mech), P.Eng, p.t.s.c., Certificated Project Manager,
Fellow APM, Fellow PMI, CD

Editor's Footnote-
Unfortunately, the "PMI Canada" that David speaks of in his presentation is now defunct.
Published here October 2002.

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David H. Curling, B.Eng (Mech), P.Eng, p.t.s.c.,
Certificated Project Manger,
Fellow APM, Fellow PMI, CD
Email: curlingd@loday.com

Editor's Preface

David's presentation was written and presented back in August of 1998. It is his personal view of the international initiatives for the advancement of a global project management profession at that time. In it he provides a brief review, some insight into professional certification processes, standards, world wide professional organizations and some thoughts on the challenge, opportunities and impediments to a global project management profession. We believe that much of what he had to say then is just as valid today, six years later.

David Curling is Principal Consultant LODAY Systems Ltd., is a Member of the Steering Committee of the Global Project Management Forum, WWW Project Management Forum Webmaster, Fellow of the Association for Project Management, Fellow of the Project Management Institute and a Certificated Project Manager.


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