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Published here October 2012.

Editor's Note
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Norman KK Ng is a fourth year chemical engineer from Penang, Malaysia studying at Imperial College London, UK. In 2011 he was the winner of short papers submitted in the age category 19 to 24. He writes: "As an engineer in the 21st century, I simply enjoy coming up with creative and innovative ideas to solve real world needs and wants. But a good idea is meant to be shared. As such, creative writing is one way I share my ideas, especially when the subject is the environment and the Earth which we take for granted with our every breath." Norman can be reached at KK Ng

Editor's Note

The following two articles are unusual for this web site because they attempt to send a message about the distant future in a simple storybook form typical of present every day life. Most of us as project managers have difficulty in forecasting the immediate future of our projects, let alone twenty five or fifty years hence. So, sit back and enjoy these two short windows into the future. And when finished, try to understand the message that Norman is trying to send.

What role can engineers play to ensure a greener world in the next 125 years?

This is Norman's 2011 winning article, reproduced with Norman's permission.


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