First referenced on LinkedIn circa December 2020,
this Guest paper was retrieved and permission provided to republish here.
It is copyright to Antonio Nieto‑Rodriguez © 2020.
Note: This paper concludes with a brief discussion between Antonio and Max.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Trend #1: The End of Job Descriptions, the Start of Project Roles  
Trend #2: From Project Manager to Strategy Implementation Professionals
Trend #3: Expanding Our Toolkit, It Is Not Waterfall or Agile
Trend #4: The Project Management Office (PMO), Transform Now or Game Over
Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Disrupt Project Management Soon
A Global Challenge | Discussion Between Max and Antonio

Antonio Nieto‑Rodriguez is a leading expert in project management and strategy implementation, recognized by Thinkers50 with the prestigious award "Ideas into Practice." He is the creator of concepts like The Project Economy and the Project Manifesto. Former Chairman of the Project Management Institute, he is the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and the global movement Brightline. He is the author of Lead Successful Projects (2019, Penguin), The Project Revolution (2019, LID), and The Focused Organization (2012 Gower). Currently writing the HBR Project Management Handbook. He can be reached at and his website is at


Once again, author Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez shares his remarkable insights into the future of project management, and how we should be ready to adapt going forward.[1]

In Antonio's view, in the next five years the world will see more projects than ever. Indeed, according to McKinsey,[2] Governments have allocated $10 trillion in reconstruction funds just in the first two months of the Covid‑19 crisis. That is three times more than the response to the financial crisis in 2008‑09. These represent millions of projects that will need millions of project managers.

However, despite this positive outlook, significant trends will put at stake the project management profession that we have learned to know in the past 40 years. We should consider these signals as an urgent call for profound change in our practices and a much needed change in our competencies. A small price to pay compared to the unique opportunity that the project management profession has to lead what I call our new world driven by change.

In the future, Antonio sees five disruptive trends that will impact the field of projects and project management, namely:

  1. The end of Job Descriptions, the start of Project Roles
  2. From Project Manager to Strategy Implementation Professionals
  3. Expanding our Toolkit, it is not Waterfall or Agile; it is both and more
  4. The Project Management Office: Transform Now or Game Over
  5. Artificial Intelligence will radically disrupt project management soon; we have to embrace technology now.

He says that 2021 is going to be the confirmation of The Project Economy, a term he conceived in 2018 when working on his earlier book, The Project Revolution, How to Succeed in a Project Driven World.


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