This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Lauren Winans  2022.

Published here June 2022.

Editor's Note | Introduction | The Evolution of HR 
Defining People Operations | Employees as Customers 
The Success of People Ops | Required Skills and Qualifications of PO Staff

Lauren Winans is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal HR Consultant for Next Level Benefits, a Human Resources consulting practice. She founded Next Level Benefits in 2019, offering HR teams access to former corporate HR professionals on-demand when they need them most. Prior to becoming CEO of Next Level Benefits, Winans served as a senior HR leader and responsibly managed all aspects of health, welfare, absence management, and retirement at General Nutrition Centers, American Eagle Outfitters, and CONSOL Energy. While working for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Winans acquired an extensive knowledge of the health insurance industry. She may be reached at, or by phone at 973‑570‑8428. Her web site is at

Editor's Note

For those who are not familiar with the label "HR", it stands for a corporate department in a typical company organization of significant size. The name of that department is typically known as "Human Resources" and its members are essentially responsible for helping management and their direct employees maintain good relations with all other employees. In addition to maintaining effective communications and keep records about company employees, they also help managers decide when and how to make reprimands, employee terminations, pay raises, or awards, as well as making sure that all employees are treated fairly.


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