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Submitted for publication October 27, 2010
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Introduction | The 1950s to 1980s | The 1990s to the Present Day
The Impact on Projects | Conclusion

Greg Strid is an event planner, supporting New Jersey-based arts and nonprofit organizations through his company, Unpainted Emporium Productions, LLC. He is a founding member of a newly formed renewable energy advisory board that will help lead Hudson County, NJ to a sustainable future. He is also a writer, cartoonist and sculptor. Mr. Strid's creative work and commentary can be seen on his website, He may be reached by Email at:

Editor's Note:

Greg Strid advises that he is taking a course entitled "The Fundamentals of Project Management," taught by James Swaim. As a part of this course, Greg was given an assignment to critique one of the papers on this web site. He chose to tackle the paper Project Manager to Project Leader? And the Rocky Road Between.. by Vijay K. Verma and R. Max Wideman.[1] This paper discussed the observation: "Leadership, management and team building, while all closely allied, are sufficiently different in the project environment that they require special study." Course director James Swain was sufficiently impressed that he suggested that Greg offer it for publication on this web site - which we are pleased to do.


In the course "The Fundamentals of Project Management," taught by James Swaim, our latest assignment was to offer a critique of one of the essays on I chose to tackle Verma and Wideman's paper on Project Manager to Project Leader? published back in 2000, and to speculate on the changes since then. By the way, I am new to project management, and I find the essays that are assigned from the site to be a great addition to the course material we are using to build our understanding of this subject.


1. Posted on this web site: December, 2000
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