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First published under Managers in the Spotlight May 27, 2011, and on this site February 2012

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Hessel Friedlander, originally from Cape Town but now based in Johannesburg, South Africa, started out as a programmer then becoming a business analyst before turning to project management where he has managed a variety of information technology projects. These have included software development, business strategy as well as infrastructure moves. His latest project, currently in its pilot phase, is managing the development of the largest used car web site in South Africa. Hessel Friedlander may be contacted by email at

Zvika Bash is an Applications Manager at a large, multinational IT organization. He specializes in SAP* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation projects. Projects he led have included full-scale implementations; upgrade projects and business intelligence implementations.

*SAP stands for "Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing", a major German software company. Founded in 1972, SAP is considered a market leader in business enterprise application software.

Editor's note: The following guest article records extracts from an interview in which Hessel Friedlander asked Zvika Bash about his experience in managing project teams in a large software company. Hessel is a Project Manager in the Hi Tech field and will be known to readers through his previous guest articles: Must Project Managers be Subject Matter Experts? and Did Everything Right but Got It Wrong - A Case Study. Thanks also go to Ms Mor Green from the Federation of Greater Charlotte for translating the interview and to David Everitt-Carlson for editing the original.


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