This Guest paper was submitted for publication in June 2020.
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Published here September 2020.

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Donald Fomby is a blog writer and digital marketing expert with a passion for content marketing, career building, and business management. He loves learning, writing essays, blogs, and business guides. When he's not writing, he's brushing up on his Italian or jogging at a local park. Donald may be reached at


Are you applying for a project manager position? Or maybe you're here just to spice up your resume a bit. Project management is a highly competitive career, so you're up against a lot of competition. That's why keeping your resume updated in its critical terms of experience and qualifications.

But there's another important thing. Your resume can make a poor impression if it has something that recruiters see as a bad sign. Yes, even one thing can make you look like a bad candidate. So, you need to ensure that it's not in your resume.

Curious to know what it is? Read on and you'll know not one, but eight things you should avoid on your resume.

1.   A Resume Objective

"Seeking the position of a project manager that will allow me to contribute to the long-term growth of the company and use my skills." Does this sound familiar? A resume objective - often called "resume statement" — has been a good thing to have on a resume just five years ago.

But that is not true anymore.

That's because most employers now think that it:

  • Is an outdated, unnecessary section because it's very generic;
  • Has no value for them because it doesn't provide any relevant or meaningful information that helps with making a selection decision;
  • Takes up too much resume space that you need to use for something more useful;
  • Says nothing about you and repeats the things you already have in the resume.

Basically, a resume objective is useless for employers. For you, it's a waste of precious space that you could use for information such as work experience or a soft skills list. So, what Can I put on my resume instead of "Objective"?

Delete the objective and you will have more space for more important things like:

  • Soft skills list;
  • One more work experience section.

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