This Guest paper was first published on the PlanningPlanet blog on January 12, 2018 and is copyright to Dr. Dan Patterson, PMP, 2018
Published here
April 2018.

Introduction | What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?
The Problem with Project Planning Today | AI Categories | Current Approaches to ANI
Neural Networks | Which AI Approach is Best for Helping with Project Planning?
Should We Embrace or Avoid AI in Planning?

Dr. Dan Patterson, PMP is the founder of BASIS, a project management software company focusing on knowledge-driven planning. He is a renowned thought leader in the project management industry developing numerous tools, including Acumen Fuse and Acumen Risk that are commonplace in the project controls arena today.

More can be found at Dan can be reached at His website is


This paper describes and explains the concepts and terminology behind what is today being termed as Artificial Intelligence. Further, it describes how these concepts relate to the field of project management offering opportunity for better, more effective project planning and control. Figure 1 shows the concept underlying the process of Artificial Intelligence.

Figure 1: A neural network
Figure 1: A neural network

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