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Barbara A. White, R.Ph. FASHP
Barbara White is a pharmacist with a B.S. in Pharmacy from University of Kansas and a Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. As Business Technology Analyst at Missouri Rehabilitation Center, Barbara is the project leader of a hospital-wide medication use redesign project that will use the latest wireless, barcode technology. Prior to her present appointment, she was a clinical consultant with Shared Medical Systems consulting in both home health and hospital settings in the US and Canada. Barbara can be contacted at:


Can a project manager be a servant leader? The two seem distant from each other and may not be attainable! How can a person who is to successfully achieve goals for the organization through others be a servant leader? First thoughts are that a manager cannot be a servant leader. How can a leader be a servant? Both managers and leaders must guide and control people in order for an organization to reach it's goals.

How strange to think that a project manager should be submissive to those participating on the project teams. How can this occur? The best way to approach these questions and begin to answer them is to look at the definitions, characteristics and responsibilities of a leader, manager, a project manager, a servant, and a servant leader individually. Finally collating this information and reflecting on the risks and benefits will assist in determining if a project manager can be a servant leader.


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