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Definition     Editor's Choice
Stands for "id est" and means "That is", a term used to specify or clarify. See also E.g. [D06430]

See Information Technology

See In Accordance With

See Integrated Baseline Review

See Interest During Construction

Idea Evaluation
See Evaluation. [D02826]

A means for recognition. Evidence that an item is the same as something claimed, described or specified. [D02827]

In project portfolio management, the process of documenting and assembling, for further decision making, the inventory of ongoing and proposed new components as potential components for categorization. [D06006]

An alphanumeric code depicting a name or hierarchy. [D04109]

Identify Opportunity
A pre-project activity. One that precedes the concept phase in the project life cycle and may lead to the initiation of a project. [D02828]

Idle Time
A time interval during which either the workman, the equipment or both do not perform useful work. [D02323]

See Invitation for Bid

See Intention for Bid

i-j notation
A system of numbering nodes in an activity-on-arrow network. The i-node is always the beginning of the activity, while the j-node is always the finish. [D03719]

 PPS&C p340
See Integrated Logistics Support

Some form of representation of a person or thing. This includes hardcopy such as pictures and printed graphics, electronic imaging where these potential hardcopies are committed to electronic media, and notional images such as the impression portrayed by the culture and behavior of an organization. [D02829]

Immediate Activity
An activity that can be forced to start on its earliest feasible date by resource scheduling, even if that means overloading a resource. [D00802]

An assessment of the adverse effect of the risk occurring. Used in risk analysis as one part of the assessment of a risk, the other being likelihood. See also Consequence. [D03856]

The assessment of the adverse effects of an occurring risk. [D00803]

In risk management, the evaluated effect or result of a particular outcome actually happening. [D05371]

 PRNC2 2002
Impact Analysis
Assessing the pros and cons of pursuing a particular course of action. [D00804]

The mathematical examination of the nature of individual risks on the project, as well as potential structures of interdependent risks. It includes the quantification of their respective impact severity, probability and sensitivity to changes in related project variables including the project life cycle. To be complete, the analysis should also include an examination of the external "status quo" prior to project implementation as well as the project's internal intrinsic worth as a reference baseline. A determination should also be made as to whether all risks identified are within the scope of the project's risk response planning process. [D00805]

The process of assessing the ramifications of pursuing a particular course of action - typically a change to the existing system. [D03857]

Impact Interpretation
Clarification of the significance of a variance with respect to overall objectives. [D00806]

Impact, risk
The impact of an event is the value of the effect of the risk event, if it occurs, on one or more of the financial parameters of the investment. [D04995]

See Implementation Phase. [D06328]

That part of the project life-cycle during which working drawings, specifications and contract documents are prepared, contracts are tendered and awarded, and the construction work undertaken. See also Implementation Phase. [D00808]

A discipline in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to implement and unit test the classes. [D04731]

Implementation Phase
The project phase that develops the chosen solution into a completed deliverable. [D04445]

The third of four sequential phases in the project life cycle during which the actual work of the project is undertaken to produce the project's deliverables.
Editor's Note: See also Execution Phase. [D00807]

Implementation Plan
See Project Implementation Plan. [D04110]

Implementation Planning
The process of converting all requirements into a logically sequenced set of Project Work Authorizing Agreements and subcontracts that define and authorize all work to be performed for the project. [D04111]

Implementation Review
(or Visit) An initial visit by members of the customer C/SCSC review team to a contractorís plant to review the contractorís plans for implementing C/SCSC on a new contract. Such visits should take place within 30 days after contract award. [D00809]

Implementation View
An architectural view that describes the organization of the static software elements (code, data, and other accompanying artifacts) in the development environment in terms of both packaging, layering, and configuration management (ownership, release strategy, and so on). In the Unified Process, it's a view on the implementation model. [D04842]

Implementation, Completion of
Also known as closeout phase. Completion of implementation means that the project team has:
  1. Provided completed project activities in accordance with the project requirements.
  2. Completed project closeout.

Implied Warranty
The legal theory that when an owner requires a contractor to execute a project in accordance with plans and specifications supplied by the owner, there is an implied warranty that those plans and specifications are adequate to accomplish the work. [D04996]

Importance, of a project
The significance of the project to its organization, or any part of the project to the project as a whole [D04997]

Imposed Date
A predetermined calendar date set (usually externally) without regard to logical considerations of the network. [D00811]

Imposed Finish
A finish date imposed on an activity by external constraints. [D00812]

A finish date imposed on an activity by external constraints. May lead to hypercritical paths and negative float. [D03858]

Imposed Start
A start date imposed on an activity by an external constraint. [D00813]

A start date imposed on an activity by external constraints. May lead to hypercritical paths and negative float. [D03859]

A contract requirement which is physically impossible to perform. To be impossible, it must be shown that no contractor could perform the work as required and not that just one contractor cannot perform it. [D04998]

Impossibility of Performance
A common law concept that a contract is not enforceable if subsequent events caused the contract unattainable. This does not apply if performance is merely inconvenient or is the cause of a loss from one party to the other. [D04112]

Inability to perform work called for under a contract due to unforeseeable extreme and unreasonable costs. This is considered to be an economic impossibility, even though the work requirement may be physically possible to perform. [D04999]

An increase in quality, functionality, value, or shorter delivery, etc. [D02830]

In Accordance With ("IAW")
A term used to imply that an activity, course of action, or statement complies with a law, regulation, standard, or reference document. [D04113]

In Progress
An activity that has been started, but not yet completed. [D00814]

Inaction, in negotiating
Attempts to delay or avoid serious negotiations [D02735]

 PMH p343
A contribution to motivation and motivating. [D02831]

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