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International Recognition

In June 1999 and under the auspices of NASA, a group of 33 distinguished project management researchers and experts representing fourteen countries on five continents met in Norfolk, Virginia. Their purpose was to seek some world-wide unanimity on the basic concepts reasonably claimed to form the global body of project management knowledge.

The deliberations were intensive, and the need for a common understanding of an array of project management terminology was recognized. After much discussion, the group agreed that not only was the Wideman Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms the best source of definitions, but the conference participants identified several hundred more that should be added. These included many references to program and programme management.

As a direct result of the conference, the number of entries in the Glossary was increased from the previous 2200 to over 4500. However, not all of the requested additions could be sourced reliably. In those cases, we have proposed definitions based on Webster or other related program/project texts.

Since that time the Glossary has been further updated several times and has been adopted by the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm). It has become a de facto comprehensive Standard Glossary Reference available free over the Internet — see PM Glossary link below or Content Index above.

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