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Commissioning Plan - to - Compatibility

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Definition     Editor's Choice
Commissioning Plan
Commitment A document defining the complete process for the handover of the project deliverables to the client, by the project team, taking due account of the objectives and needs of the client and of his staff in the handover process. [D06382]

Commissions and Bonuses
Financial rewards for superior effort. See also Bonus. [D02481]

The operation that ends a unit of work to make permanent the changes it has made to resources (transaction or data). [D04811]

  1. An agreement to do something, or
  2. A firm reservation of funds to meet future contractual obligations

A binding financial obligation typically in the form of a purchase order. [D00242]

An agreement to consign or reserve the necessary resources to fulfill a requirement until expenditure occurs. A commitment is an event. (See also Obligation) [D00243]

An obligation to pay money at some future time, such as a purchase order or travel authorization, which represents a charge to a project budget even though not yet actually paid. [D00244]

 SPM p304-9
Any obligation or engagement that pledges actions of project participants or payment of goods or services. See also Commitment Cost. [D00245]

A pact that is freely assumed, visible, and expected to be kept by all parties. [D05168]

A legal obligation to pay in exchange for a product or service rendered. [D06383]

Commitment Document
A contract, change order or purchase order issued for the supply of goods and services. The document legally binds the organization and commits it to financial and other obligations. A letter of intent is also a Commitment Document. [D00246]

Commitment Estimate
See Estimate Class A [D02221]

Commitment Package
A unit of work, typically part of a work breakdown structure, which is performed external to the organization through a contract or purchase order. See also Work Package. [D00248]

Commitment to Objectives
Genuine acceptance of the purpose and direction (of the project.) See also Buy-In. [D02482]

Committed Cost
A cost "type". The value of commitment documents issued for the scope of the work within a cost class as of a reporting date. A cost class may be partially or completely committed at any particular time. [D00247]

Committed Costs
Costs that are legally committed even if delivery has not taken place with invoices neither raised nor paid. [D04404]

Costs that will still be incurred even if the project is terminated. [D00249]

Common Carrier
A person holding themselves out to the general public to provide transportation or telecommunications services for compensation. [D03469]

Common Cause
In the plotting of control observations, a source of variation in the system that is inherent and predictable. [D06345]

Communicating with Groups
The means by which the project manager conducts meetings, presentations, negotiations, and other activities necessary to convey the project's needs and concerns to the project team and other groups. [D00250]

Communicating with Individuals
Involves all activities by which the project manager transfers information or ideas to individuals working on the project. [D00251]

The transmission of information so that the recipient understands what the sender intends. [D00252]

The transmission and validated receipt of information so that the recipient understands what the sender intends, and the sender is assured that the intent is understood. [D04318]

The effective transmission of information so that the recipient understands clearly what the receiver intends. Communication media may take several forms: Oral, written, textural, numerical, graphic, body language, paper, electronic, physical, etc. In short, bring together and control effectively those things which need interrelating in order for the project to be properly assessed, configured and implemented. [D03810]

See also Effective Communication. [D04357]

An exchange of information between individuals. [D05936]

The transfer of explicit knowledge (codifiable, transferable) from one person to others. [D05937]

The effective exchange and understanding of information between parties. Effective communication is vital to the success of a project. [D06384]

Communication Channels
The path along which the exchange of information takes place or is supposed to take place. Typically refers to the sequence of individuals in a chain of command. [D02483]

Communication Plan
Part of the project initiation document describing how the project's stakeholders and interested parties will be kept informed during the project. [D05281]

 PRNC2 2002
Communication Plan, Strategic
An overall communications approach which provides guidance for all communication activities including development of strategic and tactical plans for each phase.

Communication Plan, Tactical
A communication plan developed in each phase of the project outlining the tactics to be used in each phase. [D02234]

Communication Room
A central location where vital project information is displayed for all to see. Sometimes referred to as a War Room.
Editor's Note: This is a very effective way of maintaining project visibility, especially with regard to progress, etc. However, has limited application for virtual project organizations. An Internet or Intranet web page is becoming a viable and popular alternative. [D02484]

Communications Management
The proper organization and control of information transmitted by whatever means to satisfy the needs of the project. It includes the processes of transmitting, filtering, receiving and interpreting or understanding information using appropriate skills according to the application in the project environment. It is at once the master and the servant of a project in that it provides the means for interaction between the many disciplines, functions and activities, both internal and external to the project, and which together result in the successful completion of that project. [D00253]

Communications Management Plan
The documented and agreed policies, procedures and guidelines for directing and controlling the project's information and communications, including data storage and retrieval. A part of the Project Management Plan. See also Communications Plan. [D05618]

Communications Manager
An optional role for assisting the program manager. [D05559]

 MSP-UK 1999
Communications Plan
The detailed plan of when, what, how and with whom, the information flows will be established throughout the program [or project]. [D05560]

 MSP-UK 1999
A statement of project stakeholders' communication and information needs. [D00254]

A plan indicating how Objectives, Plans and Progress of the program are to be communicated to staff. [D03811]

The plan for how the objectives, plans and progress of the program are to be communicated to staff, to promote a feeling of common ownership, to facilitate knowledge transfer and training, and to ensure that those involved are informed throughout the life of the program. [D04947]

Communications Planning
Determining project stakeholders' communication and information needs. [D04405]

Communications Strategy
The definition of how the program's objectives, plans and progress are to be communicated to the various stakeholders in the program, and how the stakeholders' views and input will be received by the program. [D05561]

 MSP-UK 1999
Public stakeholders typically associated with a project. [D02488]

Community of Practice
A group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge. [D05763]

Groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. [D05764]

Term used primarily to refer to a business first party, the purpose of which is to supply a product or service. [D00255]

The process of comparing, typically referring to current status compared to the planned or baselines. [D02489]

The extent to which two or more entities or systems can function together without difficulty. [D05282]

Suitable, capable of coexistence in harmony. [D02490]

The characteristic or ability of systems to coexist and function in the same environment without mutual interference. [D02491]

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