Copyright to Ginger Levin and J. LeRoy Ward © 2013.

Note: PMBOK and PgMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute.

Published here May 2013.

PART 1 | Introduction | PgM Performance Competencies Detail 
PgM Personal Competencies | PgM Personal Competencies Detail | Summary

Editor's Note

The following paper has been excerpted from the book: Program Management Complexity: A Competency Model by Ginger Levin, PMP, PgMP and J. LeRoy Ward, PMP, PgMP,  2011 Taylor & Francis. Reprinted with permission.


In Part 1 of this paper we introduced the concept of Program Management (PgM) competency and the research we undertook with a view to constructing a definitive model of the concept. We concluded Part 1 with a graphic representing Program Management Competency together with a description of each of the competencies represented within the six domains of the Performance Competencies group. In our Part 2 we will elaborate further, and then introduce and explain the eight areas of the Personal Competencies group.


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