This paper was submitted for publication October 14, 2011.
It is copyright to Dennis Bolles of DLB Associates, LLC ©2011
Published on this site July 2012.

PART 1 | Introduction | Standardization - the Second Pillar
Iterative Management Processes | Capability - the Third Pillar
Execution - the Fourth Pillar | PBM Maturity - the Foundation | Conclusion


In Part 1 of this paper we established the nature and benefits of a Project Business Management Office (PBMO) and the first pillar of its Enterprise-wide PBM House of Excellence - Governance. In this Part 2 we discuss the detailed workings of a PBMO through the house's remaining three pillars - Standardization, Capability and Execution, together with its essential foundation - PBM Maturity.

***  PART 1

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