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Published here April 2012

Editor's Note | Introduction | Project Portfolio Management as a Process 
Top 5 Reasons Why Project Portfolio Management Will Matter to CIOs in 2012
A Matter of Balance and Suggested Tips | Conclusion

Alex Adamopoulos is CEO of emergn, a global service company that focuses on IT change initiatives that fundamentally enhance organizational agility. Alex has been an executive in global service organizations for more than 20 years and has worked to help a number of notable organizations and their CIOs find success in executing their PPM objectives. Such organizations include Maersk, British Airways and the UK government. Emergn's web site: Alex Adamopoulos may be reached at:

Editor's Note: A complete and detailed description of the discipline of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) can be found on this web site in an eight-part series of papers commencing with Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management - Part 1: An Introduction. As we stated in that introduction:

"Portfolio management is a business process that requires a set of detailed processes to be conducted in an interrelated continuous sequence. It facilitates decision making, through evaluation, selection, prioritizing, balancing, execution of the work, harvesting of benefits and feedback of results for process improvement.

It presumes that the organization has a strategic plan, along with customary mission and vision statements, together with strategic goals and objectives. It also presumes that no organization has sufficient resources to meet all of its business needs. This is true in the best of times. It certainly is even truer when times are tough."

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