A paper based on the Instructor's Resource Kit, Module 1, Managing the Implementation of Development Projects, by Jerry Brown under the direction of John Didier, World Bank Institute, Washington D.C., 1998. Robert Youker may be reached at bobyouker@worldnet.att.net
and John Didier at jdidier@worldbank.org.
Published here April 2003.

Abstract | Introduction | Hierarchy of Objectives | The Why-How Framework
Another Example | Strategic Alternatives | Horizontal Logic | Summary | Conclusions


Robert Youker, Retired, World Bank
Robert Youker is an independent trainer and consultant with more than 35 years experience in Project Management. At the World Bank he developed and presented six-week project management training courses for the managers of major projects in many different countries. His project management experience includes new product development at Xerox Corporation and project management consulting for many other companies. He is currently consulting with the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank to develop a CD ROM version of an instructor's resource kit for project management training. He was a Director of PMI and IPMA and is currently a Director of asapm. E-mail:bobyouker@worldnet.att.net

Having a clear and concise definition of project objectives early in the life cycle is an important ingredient for success. Clear objectives help ensure that all project stakeholders will develop

  1. A common understanding of what the project is attempting to do and
  2. A commitment to the same objectives.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

The result is often confusion and sometimes conflict as stakeholders gradually discover that their interpretations of the project's objectives are different. It is important to get early agreement from all the stakeholders that the project objectives are the ones that they want. A tool for achieving this is the Hierarchy of Project Objectives, which lays out different levels of objectives. The hierarchy also serves as a visible linkage between strategy, programs and projects.


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