A paper first published in Professional Manager, UK, March 2007 issue.
© Professional Manager and Lindsay Camp. Reprinted with permission.
Published here April 2008.

Editor's Note | Introduction | So What is Good Writing? 
Writing for Results: Very Briefly Indeed | Make Three Assumptions 
Better Writing: Next Steps? | Top Ten Copywriter's Tips

Lindsay Camp started his career as a trainee copywriter at J Walter Thompson. In around 25 years as a freelance writer, he's written just about everything it's possible to be paid for writing, from TV commercials to training videos, via websites, customer newsletters and annual reports. His best-selling book on making every word count in all forms of business communication, Can I Change Your Mind? was described by Management Today as "a masterpiece in persuasive writing", see http://www.canichangeyourmind.co.uk. He can be reached at Lindsay@canichangeyourmind.co.uk.

Editor's Note

We have come across many project managers, and senior managers for that matter, who appear to be quite hopeless at writing clear and concise documents, ranging from casual emails to important reports. As Lindsay Camp says, if you want to communicate better in writing, first you have to believe that it really matters. Then, he says, you could do a lot worse than learn a few lessons from professional copywriters like him.


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