Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is pleased to report that in a recent issue, the HBR has recognized the validity of Project Management as a main-stream business management activity.
Published here January 2022.


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So the Project Management Economy has arrived!

I am delighted to share the contents of an email from my friend Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, who is excited to announce that the topic of project management has finally made it to the Harvard Business Review. This recognition of project management by the HBR is an important step forward into the world of big business. As Neil Armstrong said when he first set step on the moon: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Of course, he could have said "project management."

Email from Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez


I am very happy to share with you that the current issue of Harvard Business Review printed magazine has Project Management and my article, "The Project Economy Has Arrived" in the spotlight, including the editorial from their chief editor, Adi Ignatius.

Over the past 15 years, one of my most important objectives (and probably the craziest one) was to see the words "project management" on the front cover of HBR.

Having the backing of the most powerful and influential brand in leadership and management is a vital step in recognizing that the project management profession should be high on the agenda of senior executives around the world. In fact, in my talks with the HBR team, I was teasing them telling them that it is the first time in HBR history that they have "project management" on their front cover ;-)

I also told them that despite all the buzz about agile, strategy, innovation, etc., a fraction of employees work in agile teams or need to innovate, yet, everyone, from senior leaders to managers to junior employees, is dealing and struggling with projects.

As Adi Ignatius says in his editorial "Projects are your Future", yet few organizations and senior leaders have the competencies to do it. Roger Martin once told me that most HQ senior leaders' jobs are an amalgam of projects. As I shared in my latest newsletter, the hype of agile methods and ignorance of project management has led to tribalism and has not increased project success.

This is the result of the amazing work that all of you, PMI, thousand of volunteers, and millions of projects managers have been doing over the past decades. It is great to now have that recognition and, hopefully, we can benefit from it and push further!

I am convinced that if we bring project management experts to the table where big decisions are taken, like COP26 or Davos, we will be more successful in addressing the big themes impacting our world. This will be the next big challenge.

Thanks a lot for the inspiration that you bring. As always, any feedback is most welcome!

Stay well, hasta la vista!

Project Management Champion to the World


So that is why I am also delighted to publish Antonio's remarks here.

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