Copyright to Francis Hooke, © 2013 Quality Project Delivery Ltd. All rights reserved.
Originally published as a blog on qualityprojectdelivery October 2013 and adapted for publication here April 2014.

Editor's Note | Introduction | A Case Study 
The REAL Financial Position | Direct and Indirect Costs 
Causes and Symptoms of Hidden Costs | Conclusion | Postscript

Francis Hooke is Managing Director & Principal Consultant at Quality Project Delivery Ltd., a business services company that he launched based on his experience as project manager of a series of major financial projects at RBS Markets & International Banking, the wholesale banking arm of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. He has a BSc in Mathematics and Management Science from the University of Manchester–Institute of Science and Technology. He can be reached via his web site: at or by Email:

Editor's Note

The following story by author Francis Hooke is obviously a fictional story used to demonstrate the principle of hidden costs, and the implications of failing to account correctly for the project as a whole. In this imaginary story, Francis assumes that the project manager, who is identified as "Bob", was a permanent member of staff who had been with the company for many years. He imagines that once Bob completed the project he would be moved onto the next, or otherwise returned to routine business-as-usual work.


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