This Guest paper is an update of an earlier paper published on the Internet in June 1999.

It was submitted for publication on this web site and is Copyright to M.A. Seely & Q.P. Duong, 2005.
Published here February 2006.

PART II | The Planning and Control Paradox | The Customer Service Paradox
The Project Leader Paradox | The Partnering Paradox | The Learning Paradox
A Supplementary Explanation

In previous months in Part I, we described:

In Part II we described:

And in this month's Part III we follow on with five "Paradoxes":

The Planning and Control Paradox
(The first of five paradoxes)

... more and more we demand that which applies less and less ...

Projects of the information age, the MBVs and MBPs, encounter dynamically changing objectives and values baselines. This means two things:

  • The number of people "touched" by the product and implicated in the project delivery is increasing geometrically. As the growth in PMI membership will indicate, the interest in project management throughout the world is virtually exploding at this time. These people are craving substantive knowledge.
  • The projects causing the growth in interest are not readily baselineable at the levels contemplated by the PMBOK' Guide. The challenging part of MBV is in harnessing the diversity of end users toward a common business purpose i.e., managing a dynamic associated with having multiple competing objectives.

Each of the DBM levels has an associated classical area of study. For MBR, it is classic production management; for MBM, it is classic project management; for MBO, it is classic engineering management; for MBV, it is classic business administration, and for MBP, it is classic public administration (see Figure Al).

Figure Al: Related Areas of Study
Figure Al: Related Areas of Study

When looking for solutions to today's project challenges, we need to ensure that we are not spending too much time "turning over the wrong rocks." Classic project management principles are appealing, but the issues may very well lie in another domain.

part ii  PART II

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