This Guest paper was submitted for publication 4/27/13 and is copyright to David Harrison, © 2013.
This paper is an update of a paper originally published in 2008.
Published here October 2013.

PQQ = PreQualification
ITT = Invitation To
RFP = Request For

Editor's Note | Introduction | Corporate Background 
Competitive Advantage | Relationships | PART 2

David Harrison is qualified in quantity surveying; project management; procurement; business development and business management. He has extensive experience at a senior level in all of these disciplines across most sectors of the UK Construction/Built Environment Industry. He is well known and well-connected in the UK Construction Industry. David has run businesses at regional and national level for major construction companies for 11 years prior to setting up his own company in 2003. His web site is: and he can be reached at

Editor's Note:

Much of this author's experience is derived from contracting work in the UK. However, we consider his recommendations are down-to-earth and relevant to contract/procurement worldwide and in most areas of project management application.

In this Part 1, David Harrison covers:


Corporate Background

Competitive Advantage


Mistake #1 - Pursuing unsuitable opportunities


Mistake #2 - Lack of innovation and creativity


Mistake #3 - Failing to differentiate your solutions



Mistake #4 - Weak relationships with the customer and their evaluators


Mistake #5 - Failing to build trust and rapport


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