A paper presented to the International Seminar on Project Management for Developing Countries, September 4 to 6, 1991, in New Delhi, India. The audience was made up of mostly construction people, but much of the following content could equally apply to large projects in other areas of application.

Executive Summary  | Index | Part 1 | Part 2 | Conclusions | References


Executive Summary

Part 1: General Description and Justification
Introduction to Part 1
What is Meant by Testing and Effectiveness?
Project Management Appraisal (PMA)
Why Conduct a PMA?
On which Projects Should PMA be Conducted?
How Thorough?
Who Should Conduct a PMA?
How Should the PMA be Conducted?
When Should PMA be Conducted?
What Should be Included in the PMA?
Part 2: A Structured Approach and Some Typical Issues
Introduction to Part 2
Project Management Core Functions
Scope and Quality
Schedule and Cost
Project Management Integrative Functions
Project Risk
Human Resources
Summary and Conclusions
Executive Summary  Executive Summary

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