A paper presented to the International Seminar on Project Management for Developing Countries, September 4 to 6, 1991, in New Delhi, India. The audience was made up of mostly construction people, but much of the following content could equally apply to large projects in other areas of application.

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Who Should Conduct a PMA?

A project management appraisal needs to be conducted with a certain degree of independence in order to safeguard the credence and reliability of the resulting findings. In other words, it must be conducted by a third party. However, the third party may enjoy varying degrees of independence. For example, the enquiry may be undertaken by someone from another department or division of the sponsoring organization. Alternatively, it may be conducted by a completely independent party commissioned for the purpose.

Either way, it is important to ensure that the person or persons undertaking the appraisal have no direct personal, financial or organizational ties to the management on the project itself, or to the results of its progress. In addition, if the findings are to be credible, the enquiry must be conducted by people who are familiar with the technology of the project, and/or who are thoroughly knowledgeable in managing the processes of realizing a capital project. These processes include conceptual development, detailed design, procurement, construction and commissioning, as well as the broader aspects of overall project management.

The objective is to provide reliable and credible advice to the owner or sponsor's executive through a professional approach and a degree of independence which precludes any jamming of the messages through personal conflicts, professional pride or political influence. The reviewer must be recognized as being competent, fair, objective and thorough.

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