A paper presented to the International Seminar on Project Management for Developing Countries, September 4 to 6, 1991, in New Delhi, India. The audience was made up of mostly construction people, but much of the following content could equally apply to large projects in other areas of application.

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Human Resources

Questions which address the issues of people and their motivations are frequently the most significant, since essentially projects and the degree of their success are achieved through the project's human resource element. Therefore, this area of the PMA may be quite intensive.

For example: Does the project team enjoy the active and visible support of the project's sponsor, and is the focus consistently on the project's stated objectives?

Has the sponsor assigned the leadership of the project the necessary level of authority for it to execute its responsibilities, and is it held accountable accordingly? Is this process visible and effective?

Are people resources available when needed? And do they have the required levels of technical skills, or if not, are they encouraged or provided with suitable training? Are they rewarded for exceptional effort?

Is conflict handled and used constructively, in order to sustain a highly motivated team? Will the final project evaluation include a critique of the project team's collective performance?

Project Risk  Project Risk

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