A paper presented to the International Seminar on Project Management for Developing Countries, September 4 to 6, 1991, in New Delhi, India. The audience was made up of mostly construction people, but much of the following content could equally apply to large projects in other areas of application.

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Project Management Integrative Functions

As indicated earlier, the issues under scope, quality, time and cost only really question the status of the project's relatively static objectives. If the answers are found to be unsatisfactory, then it will be necessary to examine the means to influence them within the remaining time left for the project to run.

The next set of questions therefore investigate the supporting integrative and more dynamic functions of project management, which consist of the management of risk, human resources, contract/procurement and information/communication management.

Each of these functions influence the success of the project through the performance of people. They involve as much art as science, and, suitably managed can affect the course of the project and consequent outcome. Unlike scope, quality, time and cost, which deal with project outputs and deliverables, these four functions impact the activities, i.e. the work involved in achieving those outputs and deliverables.

Often, these areas of review provide a much more illuminating area of investigation.

Schedule and Cost  Schedule and Cost

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