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JAD - to - Just In Time

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Definition     Editor's Choice
See Joint Application Development

See Joint Application Re-engineering

See Just In Time

A group of contiguous operations related by similarity of functions that can be completed by one or more workers without interference or delay. [D03636]

A homogeneous cluster of work tasks, the completion of which serves an enduring purpose for the organization. [D03519]

Job Description
Documentation of a project participant's job title, supervisor, job summary, responsibilities, authority and any additional job factors, such as use of resources available. Written outlines of the skills, responsibilities, knowledge, authority, environment, and interrelationships involved in an individual's job. [D00882]

A carefully thought out structured but concise written description of a person's job. It will cover authority, responsibility, work content, reporting and working relationships, duties and skills required. Used primarily for management and supervisory positions. Most useful in developing project organization structures and selecting or recruiting candidates most suited to the work required. Unfortunately, every minor reorganization required to respond to successive stages of the project tends to render them in need of updating. [D03066]

A document that describes a particular role and set of responsibilities in a project. [D06025]

Job Evaluation
A systematic assessment of job content. It establishes the worth of a job in terms of salary or wage compared to other jobs. Many elaborate schemes have been developed and applied with varying degrees of success. While some structure is necessary on a project, pay is more likely to be governed by market conditions, scarcity, individual knowledge, performance or trade agreements. These factors generally also recognize such project aspects as higher stress, cyclical work loading and potential for termination upon completion. See also Job Description. [D03067]

Job Satisfaction
Contentment with objectives, responsibilities and general working conditions. [D02908]

Job Title
An official position in an organizational hierarchy. Usually a name that reflects a person's authority and responsibility. [D02909]

Joint Application Development ("JAD")
An interactive and structured group technique for eliciting and gaining consensus. The technique is applicable to such processes as requirements gathering and problem solving. [D06026]

A facilitated interactive group process of highly structured and inclusive meetings or mini-retreats involving key stakeholders such as system owners, system users, architects, programmers, analysts, etc. The purpose is to resolve project conflicts, test project objectives, confirm technical feasibility, discover constraints and risks, or to better understand any other project interdependencies that may exist. These meetings are held in a controlled environment where interruptions can be minimized for extended periods, e.g. four to eight hours per day, until the agenda objectives are achieved. The meetings are typically lead by a facilitator who acts as a neutral third-party and mediator. The facilitator has the active support of an executive champion who sponsors the facilitator's presence within the group and who has ultimate sign-off authority on the group's findings. Also know as Joint Application Re-engineering (JAR). [D05662]

Joint Application Re-engineering ("JAR")
See Joint Application Development. [D05663]

Joint Venture
An enterprise owned and operated by two or more businesses or individuals as a separate entity (not a subsidiary) for the mutual benefit of the members of the group. Joint ventures possess the characteristics of joint control; e.g. joint property, joint liability for losses and expenses, and joint participation in profits. Joint ventures can be either incorporated or unincorporated. [D05791]

 092 part 7-1802, b
  1. A joint ownership of a firm by two or more persons or other firms, or
  2. A partnership between two or more companies mutually engaged in a particular venture such as a major project. In this case, the venture exists for a specific purpose for a limited time.

One of the following:
  1. A formal utterance of an authoritative opinion.
  2. The process of forming an opinion or evaluation by comparing two or more sets of information such as when arriving at an estimated total.
  3. A formal decision given by a court such as an award of damages.

Belonging to the branch of government responsible for the administration of justice. [D02912]

The extent of territory over which legal or other power extends, e.g. authority to interpret and apply the law. [D04327]

Just In Time ("JIT")
An approach used to manage resources, requirements, and production so that the right material arrives at the right place at the right time, and just in time for use in the works. [D06027]

A philosophy in which goods, services, or actions are provided on demand as needed AND without waiting, queuing or storage. [D04851]

A "pull" system driven by actual demand. The goal is to produce, provide or deliver parts or supplies just in time for the next operation. The approach reduces stock inventories or storage costs, but leaves no room for error. As much a managerial philosophy as it is an inventory system. [D03637]

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