Executive Control with Flexibility In Managing Capital Projects


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The Project Manager’s Personal Objectives

The project manager's personal objectives should therefore be to:

  1. Attain the willing commitment of people to assigned tasks
  2. Achieve the co-ordination and collaboration of different work groups, responsibility centers, and entire organizations, including that of the owner
  3. Achieve visibility by placing a high premium on reliability and timeliness of information, and a high cost on unnecessary or irrelevant information
  4. Steer the project to completion in an orderly and progressive manner
  5. Ensure that trade-offs between scope, cost and time are satisfactory and acceptable, and are seen to be so
  6. Perpetuate development of personal and professional skills and the potentialities of project participants.

For purposes of comparison, traditional management philosophy and its typical structure is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Typical Functional Organization showing Line Authority/Responsibility
Figure 1. Typical Functional Organization showing Line Authority/Responsibility

Figure 1 can be summarized as follows:

  1. Established on-going the organizationŐs function mainly on a vertical basis
  2. A chain of authority exists within the organization from the highest rank to the lowest, through every link in the chain
  3. Hence, an employee receives orders from one superior only
  4. Strong superior-subordinate relationships exist to preserve unity of command and to ensure unity of purpose
  5. Work progresses within autonomous functional units of an organization
  6. The line and staff relationships are clearly defined
  7. Functional managers have clearly identified finite responsibilities
  8. Functional managers establish "staff" relationships where collective action is required
Comparison with Traditional Philosophy  Comparision with Traditional Philosophy

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