Executive Control with Flexibility In Managing Capital Projects


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Project Management Features and Requirements

The project management organization integrates widely diverse disciplines. Indeed, the sheer scope and inherent complexities of today's projects dictate the need for a formally structured project management system. It is necessary for the balancing of such interactive factors as economics, environment, design, construction, and human resources, as well as for synchronizing activities in terms of time, cost, and space. Figure 2 shows the project management concept introduced into a traditional organization

Figure 2. Project Management introduced into a Traditional Organization
Figure 2. Project Management introduced into a Traditional Organization

From Figure 2 it will be noted that certain features set it apart from the traditional function--oriented management philosophy outlined earlier. For example:

  1. A central clearing house is established for timely project decisions involving diverse interests
  2. It is directly involved in managing participation by parties normally outside its direct control. It pulls together such diverse activities as feasibility studies, client changes, regulatory requirements, design, construction, startup, etc., all of which are time-phased over the life of the project, and which require coordinated planning, scheduling, and control
  3. Natural organizational conflicts are brought into the open where they can be dealt with
  4. Project requirements of scope, budget and schedule are clearly established
  5. The life of the individual project organization is finite in duration. Personnel directly involved are introduced to one project, and later assigned to other projects as time progresses
  6. The project team is a professional unit and needs to be managed by motivation, persuasion, and human relations, rather than a simple superior-subordinate relationship
Effective Project Execution  Effective Project Execution

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