Executive Control with Flexibility In Managing Capital Projects


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Construction Management is Part of Project Management

As noted earlier, project management includes the direction of consultants, designers and contractors, together with the co-ordination of the client's and user's staff as members of the project team. Within this structure, the construction management approach may be used to advantage as an alternative to the general contractor, particularly on large projects where time savings are required.

The employment of construction management services, headed by a construction manager who is also a member of the project team under the project manager's direction, makes it possible to "fast track". That is to say, individual trade contracts are awarded in the physical sequence of construction which permit some overlap with the working design effort. Thus overall project time is saved compared to that required to complete the whole design for procurement of all construction work in one tender call.

Obviously all design work must be carefully scheduled and then coordinated with construction, for this method to succeed.

Scheduling  and Cash Management  Scheduling and Cash Management

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