Executive Control with Flexibility In Managing Capital Projects


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Flexibility with Certain Limitations

Any organization can mold its own project management system to satisfy its existing functional capabilities and unique constraints. However, there are a number of requirements that are fundamental to the success and effectiveness of this approach:

  1. The Project Manager must have the necessary managerial authority within his own organization to ensure response to his requirements
  2. No major technical, cost, schedule, or performance decisions should be made without the Project Manager's participation
  3. He must be identified as the authoritative agent in dealing with outside parties, and be the responsible and single formal contact with them
  4. The Project Manager should have a say in the assembly of the project team, and personnel assigned to the project must be competent
  5. The Project Manager should have the capability and authority to control the commitment of funds within the prescribed limits of the project, and should actively direct attention to schedule adherence
  6. Senior management must clearly demonstrate support for this concept
Features and Requirements  Features and Requirements

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