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IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.


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Issacons© (Issues and Considerations) – Project Scope Management

In this group, we are providing a learning experience for project scope management. We hope that you will find this section instructive.

1125. The Scope in Scope Management
Before you talk about Scope Management, can you explain what "scope" is?
1126. Scope Management
What is Scope Management?
1126a. Defining Project Scope
I've been given a project, but how do I go about defining its scope?
1127. Work Plan
In Issacon #1126 you mentioned Work Plan How do I do that?
1128. Scope Baseline & Scope Creep
What is Scope Creep and why do I need a Scope Baseline?

1129. Scope Milestones
How do I manage this scope evolution? What milestones should I establish?
1130. Work Breakdown & Work Packages
Please explain Work Packages in the context of scope management
1131. Work Packages
You described work packages in Issacons #1073 & #1074. Can you go over that again please?
1132. Project Management Training Program WBS
Example of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for A Project Management Training Program
1133. Scope Change
What is a Scope Change, and where does it come in?

1134. Scope Change Types
It has been suggested that there are different types of scope changes. Can you explain?
1135. Scope Change Criteria & Control
Can you provide some criteria for legitimate scope changes, and how to control them?
1136. Post-Project Scope Evaluation
How should we evaluate scope management performance after the project is complete?
1137. Scope Changes: Ten Commandments
What are the "Ten Commandments" of change management and do changes make money?

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