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IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.


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Issacons© (Issues and Considerations) – Project Cost Management

This group of Issacons on project cost management is probably one of the most important sets after scope management. It covers the subject from preliminary estimating to final cost control.

1325 Project Cost Management
What is Project Cost Management, why bother and why is it so important?
1326 Project Cost Accounting
Why is project accounting different from corporate accounting, and what is involved?
1327 Project Cost Management Definitions
PCM seems to have a lot of confusing technical terms. Can you point to the important ones?
1328 Project Cost Estimates
Cost estimates seem to have a lot of different names. Can you explain them for me?
1329 Project Cost Management & the Project Life Span
How does project cost management vary with the project life span, and why?

1330 Cost Estimating Approaches
Why are estimates required, and what are the different approaches?
1331 Cost Estimating Accuracy
How are different approaches applied, and with what accuracy?
1332 Whole-Project Estimate Classes
Some companies use different classes of project estimate. How do they differ and how do you know?
1333 Cost Estimating Challenges - Part A
What are the challenges in detailed estimating, especially in construction work?
1334 Cost Estimating Challenges - Part B
What are the challenges in detailed estimating, especially in construction work?

1334a Cost Estimating an IT Project
What cost elements might I expect to find in an Information Technology (IT) project?
1334b Definitive Cost Estimating
How do we estimate what the project will really cost?
1335 Estimates & Budgets
Why can't you use an estimate as a budget?
1336 Project Estimates to Budgets
If a project estimate is not the same as a project budget, how do I convert it?
1337 Why Budgets Come Unstuck
Why do budgets sometimes come unstuck and prove to be profoundly wrong?

1338 Project Value Management
What is project value management, and how is it applied?
1339 Cost Monitoring & Control
What does project cost monitoring and control involve?
1339a Cost Control: Budget Monitoring
I am responsible for tracking costs against budget. What does that involve?
1340 Cost Data Capture & Use
What data needs to be captured and how should it be used?
1341 Cost Data Coding
What are your recommendations for developing a coding structure?

1342 Cost Reporting Concepts
What are the concepts in cost reporting and how are reports presented?
1343 Earned Value Performance Measurement - Part A
What is Earned Value Performance Measurement, and how does it work?
1344 Earned Value Performance Measurement - Part B
How is Earned Value Performance Measurement interpreted, and why bother?

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