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IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.


1001 (General) | 1030 (PM Guidelines) | 1060 (WBS, Planning)
1100 (Risk) | 1125 (Scope) | 1150 (PM Models) | 1175 (Quality)
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1400 (Contract/Procurement) | 1430 (Info/Coms)

Issacons© (Issues and Considerations) – Project Information/Communications Management

In this final project management knowledge group we have brought together the major processes and techniques of "Info/Coms" that we believe are essential for project managers to perform effectively. We hope you agree.

1430. Project Info/Coms Management
What should I know about information and communications in project management?
1430a. Project Info/Coms Management
Can you explain the communications part of project info/coms management?
1431. Characteristics of Communication
What else should I know about communication in project management?
1432. Communication Models
What are communication models, and why should I know about them?
1432a. Communication Skills
What are the communication skills required of a project manager?

1432b. Spreading the Word
Can you give me tips on "spreading the word"?
1432c. More Effective Messaging
Can you give me tips on making my project communications more effective?
1432d. Holding difficult conversations
My project has a morale problem. How do I hold a "difficult conversation"?
1433. Active Listening
Why do you think "active listening" is the hardest part of project communication?
1434. Filters and Barriers
What are some of the filters and barriers to communication?

1435. Positive Body Language
Can you describe some positive body language so that I know how to read it?
1436. Negative Body Language
Can you describe the questionable or negative body language I need to know?
1437. PM Meetings Policy Statement
We would like to establish a policy on holding project meetings. Any suggestions?
1438. Planning Project Info/Coms
Do I really need a plan for project I/C and if so, what would it look like?
1438a. Document storage and retrieval
Projects generate a lot of documents. What advice do you have for storage and retrieval?

1439. Project Info/Coms Links
What are the project manager's communication links?
1440. Stakeholder Management - Part A
Why do I need to "manage" external stakeholders, and who might they be?
1440a. Stakeholder Management - Part B
Having identified numerous stakeholders, how do I "manage" them?
1441. Stakeholder Analysis
What is a stakeholder analysis, and why might I need one?
1441a. Stakeholder Examples
Can you give me examples of stakeholders, especially ones I should not overlook?

1442. Planning Project Meetings
Are there different kinds of meetings and how do I plan for them?
1443. Handling Effective Project Meetings
How do I make my project meetings more effective?
1443a. Making Meetings Work
How do I make my meetings work better?
1444. Evaluation, Assessment & Caution
Do you have any tips for better meeting performance?
1445. Workshop Planning
How do I plan for a workshop, and similar meetings?

1445a. Project Kickoff Workshops
How do I plan for a workshop, and similar meetings?
1445b. Project Closeout Workshops
Why conduct a project closeout workshop? And how do I go about it?
1446. Project Brainstorming
What is brainstorming, and how do I go about it?
1447. Advice on brainstorming
Brainstorming sounds easy. Is there more that I should know?
1447a. Project Requirements
Please explain, what are "Project Requirements?"

1447a1. Requirements Gathering
How do I go about gathering "Requirements"?
1447b. Interviewing Techniques
How do I go about interviewing to gather Requirements
1447c. Project Mind Mapping
What is mind mapping, and how do I go about it?
1448. Preparing a presentation
I have to make a project presentation. What advice can you give on preparing it?
1449. Making a presentation
I have prepared a project presentation. What advice can you give on presenting it?

1450. Project Progress Reporting
What should I include in a regular project progress report, or final report?
1450a. Communicating a Problem
A difficult problem has emerged. How do I communicate it to my sponsor, project team?
1450b. Concise Project Reporting
Do you have any tips for concise but effective project progress reporting?
1451. Project Report Writing
I have to write a major project report. How should I go about it?
1451a. Record Keeping
What should I know about record keeping to keep my project out of trouble?

1452. Project Proposal Preparation
I have to prepare a project proposal. How do I go about it?
1453. Author's Presentation Guide
What specific guidelines do you suggest for preparing a paper or paper presentation?
1454. Project Decision Making
Can you help with how to make better decisions on our project?
1455. Major Problem Solving
We have a major problem on our project. Can you help with a process for finding a solution?
1456. Negotiating
What should I know about negotiating in project management?

1457a. Negotiating Rules & Gambits
Can you help me with some negotiating rules and gambits?
1457b. Negotiating: Strategy & Strategic Behavior
Tell me about strategy and what to avoid
1458. Project Information Evaluation
We seem to be drowning in data. What can we do to improve the situation?
1459. Project Information Evaluation
We are drowning in data. How do we conduct an information evaluation or audit?
1460. Project Management Information System
We are considering a project management information system. What are the general requirements?

1460a. Project Management Information Strategy
We are considering a project management information system. What should be our strategy?
1461. Project Management Information System
We are considering a project management information system. What are the detailed requirements for each phase?
1462. Document Control/Versioning
Do you have suggestions for how we can keep better track of our electronic documents?
1463. Project Document Management
What are your recommendations for storage a retrieval of project documents?

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