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IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.


1001 (General) | 1030 (PM Guidelines) | 1060 (WBS, Planning)
1100 (Risk) | 1125 (Scope) | 1150 (PM Models) | 1175 (Quality)
1200 (PM Forms) | 1275 (Job Descriptions) | 1300 (Time) | 1325 (Cost) | 1350 (People)
1400 (Contract/Procurement) | 1430 (Info/Coms)

Issacons© (Issues and Considerations):
Project Management Guidelines for Program Managers
A basis for "Good Practice" in a multi-project organization

If an organization is to be successful in the delivery of its projects, it is essential to establish standards by which those projects are selected, managed and delivered. And these standards must be consistent with the organization's strategic plans. While tomes have been written on "What is project management" or "How to do it" there appears to be very little in the way of step-by-step recommendations for establishing consistent successful performance across many projects in the same organization.

The following Issacon presentations have been adapted from work done by teams of project managers working in large public and private organizations. These managers were responsible for projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million, and across application areas ranging from construction, operation and maintenance to information systems, software and R&D.

A set of twenty-four Guidelines are offered in a "Universal" format and are recommended as "Good Practice". By adopting them and customizing them to suit your particular environment, they can become the basis for "Best Practice" in the management of projects in your organization. They are listed in the approximate order in which they will be encountered in the basic four-period sequence of the natural life cycle of a typical project. Of course, some will argue about the sequence, but we've done our best!

The content and structure we have used throughout is shown in Issacon #1030, slide #7.

Preamble to project management guidelines

1030a.  The What, Why and How Much of Successful Manuals
What can you tell me about developing successful manuals for project management?
1030b.  Benefits and Tips on Writing Successful Manuals
What tips can you give me about developing successful manuals for project management?
1030c.  Developing Successful Manuals
How do I go about developing a successful manual for project management?
1030. Project Management Guidelines: Introduction to Good Practice
Why guidelines, what should they consist of, and why not policies and procedures?
1031. Project Management Guidelines: Checklist
What Guidelines do I need?
1032. Project Management: Introduction to Model Guidelines
Please tell me more!

Phase 1: Conception

1033. Project Management: Model Guideline #1 - Part A
The Project Life Cycle
1034. Project Management: Model Guideline #1 - Part B
Typical Planning Phases & their Milestones
1035. Project Management: Model Guideline #1 - Part C
Typical Production Phases & their Milestones
1036. Project Management: Model Guideline #2
Project Sponsor, Resources & Priority
1037. Project Management: Model Guideline #3
Project Concept Phase Manager

1038. Project Management: Model Guideline #4
Project Stakeholders
1039. Project Management: Model Guideline #5
Project Scope Evolution
1040. Project Management: Model Guideline #6
Project Business Case

Phase 2: Definition

1041. Project Management: Model Guideline #7
Project Manager
1042. Project Management: Model Guideline #8
Project Quality
1043  Project Management: Model Guideline #9
Project Communications
1044. Project Management: Model Guideline #10
Work Breakdown Structure & Scope of Work
1045. Project Management: Model Guideline #11
Project Planning
1046. Project Management: Model Guideline #12
Project Charter, Justification & Submission

Phase 3: Implementation

1047a.  Project Management: Model Guideline #13 - Part A
Project Cost Estimating: Planning Phases 1
1047b.  Project Management: Model Guideline #13 - Part B
Project Cost Estimating: Planning Phases 2
1048.  Project Management: Model Guideline #14
Project Cost Estimating: Production Phases
1049.  Project Management: Model Guideline #15
Detailed Design to Budget
1050.  Project Management: Model Guideline #16
Procurement & Contracting for Goods & Services

1051.  Project Management: Model Guideline #17
Scope Management & Change Management in the Implementation Phase
1052.  Project Management: Model Guideline #18
Risk, Contingency & Escalation Management
1053.  Project Management: Model Guideline #19
Progress measurement, Trending & Reporting
1054a.  Project Management: Model Guideline #20 - Part A
Cost Management & Control 1
1054b.  Project Management: Model Guideline #20 - Part B
Cost Management & Control 2

1055.  Project Management: Model Guideline #21
Execute/Build Completion & Testing

Phase 4: Transfer

1056.  Project Management: Model Guideline #22
Transfer of Product to Customer
1057a.  Project Management: Model Guideline #23 - Part A
Final Project Review & Audit 1
1057b.   Project Management: Model Guideline #23 - Part B
Final Project Review & Audit 2
1057c.   Project Management: Model Guideline #23 - Part C
Post-Project Operational Review
1057d.   Project Management: Model Guideline #23 - Part D
Post-Project Deliverable Review

1058.  Project Management: Model Guideline #24
Project Close-out
1059. Project Management Good Practice Guidelines
What are some of the management issues we may face in introducing your guidelines?
1059a. Procedure Manual (EngCon)
I have to prepare a Procedures Manual for my construction project. What should I include?
1059b. Procedure Manual (NewTech)
I have to prepare a Procedures Manual for my IS/IT (or R&D) project. What should I include?

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