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IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.


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Issacons© (Issues and Considerations) – Project People Management

Project people management (aka Human Resources Management) is the "other" or "soft" side of project management. A good understanding of how best to manage people, and create the right project environnment, is essential for running a successful project

1350 Project People Management - Part A
What is different about managing people on a project, and why?
1351 Project People Management - Part B
What is different about managing people on a project, and why?
1352 Project People Management - Part C
What are the basic elements of Project People Management (PPM)?
1353 More Insights
What else does Verma have to say about the project environment?
1354 Organizational Concepts
I've heard that a project organization can be viewed as a system. How does that work?

1355 Systems Theory
Can you tell me more about organizational systems theory?
1356 Organizational Culture
What about "culture"? Where does that come in?
1356a Men and Women in Project Management
What are the variables that effect a person's management performance?
1357 Project Organizational Structures
There seem to be a lot of different types of organization. Can you describe them?
1358 Project Organizational Selection
How do you decide which type of organization is best, especially with matrix?

1359 The Project Manager
What is the key role and responsibilities of the project manager on a project?
1359a Project Managers
What do they do?
1359b Recruiting Project Managers
What should I look for in recruiting project managers?
1359c Project Manager's Duties
What are the project manager's specific duties?
1359d Project Manager's Tasks - Part A
What are some of the project manager's typical on-the-job tasks?

1359e Project Manager's Tasks - Part B
What are some of the project manager's typical on-the-job tasks?
1359f Project Manager's Mandate
Can you list the items that should be considered for a project manager's mandate?
1359g Tips for Project Managers - Part A
Do you have any useful tips for project managers on communication?
1359g1 Tips for Project Managers - Part B
Do you have any useful tips for project managers on time and position management?
1359h Tips for Project Sponsors
Do you have any useful tips for project sponsors?

1360 Project Leadership
There is a lot written about "leadership". What is project leadership?
1361 Project Leadership Styles
There seem to be different leadership styles. Can you explain them?
1362 The Project Team
What is a team and what is different about a project team?
1362a The Size of the Project Team
I have a lot of people involved in my project. How big should my team be?
1362b Virtual Project Teams
What is different about a virtual project team?

1362c Integrative Action
How well is our team doing? Is there a simple test to find out?
1363 Project Team Development
What is project team development and what are some constructive and destructive roles?
1363a Hiring the Right People
How do I go about selecting people for my project team?
1364 Project Team Building
Can you provide some hints and tips on project team building?
1364a Project Team Performance
Can you provide a checklist of items for high project team performance?

1364b Project Team Roles
Can you describe some of the roles played by project team members, good and bad?
1365 Power and Influence
What is power or influence and how do you get it?
1365a The Project Manager & Politics
Should a project manager "play politics"?
1365b Newbie and Politics
I'm a newbie to IT project management. What should I know about project politics?
1365c Politics, Power & Control
What is politics, and how does it affect power and control?

1365d Sharing PM Power
Is sharing project management authority and control a good idea?
1366 Delegation
What is delegation and how does it work?
1367 Authority & Responsibility
This sounds important. What is authority and responsibility all about?
1367a Who Does What
What is a Project Responsibility Chart, and why do I need one?
1368 Motivation
I've heard a lot about motivation, but how do you motive your team people?

1369 Rewarding Project People
How should project people be rewarded and why is it so important?
1369a Dealing with a ‘People Problem’
I have a difficult person on my team. How do I deal with him or her?
1369b Dealing with a ‘Dysfunctional Team’
I have a dysfunctional team. How do I deal with them?
1370 Interface Management
What are project interfaces, what is interface management, and what is involved?
1371 Interface Problems & Issues
What are some of the typical problems encountered across project interfaces?

1372 Management of Conflict - Part A
What is conflict and how should we view it on a project?
1373 Management of Conflict - Part B
Where does project conflict come from, and how should we manage it?
1374 Conflict Resolution
What are the different modes for resolving conflict, and how useful are they?
1374a Issues Management
When issues arise on a project is it better to use consensus or consent?
1375 Project People & "TQM"
How do people relate to "Total Quality Management" (TQM) in project work?

1376 Career Planning in PM
I am interested in a career in project management. What do you recommend?
1377 Last Word
What is your final recommendation on project people management?

1378 IS/IT Project Sponsor
Why have a project sponsor and what are the responsibilities?
1379 IS/IT Project Manager
Why have a project manager and what are the responsibilities?
1380 IS/IT Technology Manager
Why have a technology manager and what are the responsibilities?
1381 IS/IT Business Center Manager
What is a Business Center Manager and where do they fit into a project?

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