This Guest case study was submitted for publication 8/15/13.
It is copyright to Young Min Park, PMP MSPM, 2013.
Published here March 2014

PART 1 | Introduction to Part 2 | Project Governance and Organization
Stakeholder Management and Project Charter | Project Planning, Scope Planning, and Team Building
Estimating Activity Durations and Project Duration | Project Time Management
Project Cost Management | Project Quality Planning and Control
Project Human Resources Management and Communications
Summary and Conclusions | Issues for Discussion

Stakeholder Management and Project Charter


In 1794, there was not enough rain for the farming and the winter was so cold that King Jeongjo decided to suspend the fortress project and build a water reservoir and rice field instead. He believed that food was more important for his people. He informed "Yooneum" of his decision. Thus, the King considered that his people were the most important project stakeholders because he could not continue the project with hungry workers.

Figure 20: Yooneum, November 1, 1794
Figure 20: Yooneum, November 1, 1794


Translation of extract shown in yellow:

"So the fortress could be built this year or next year or 10 years later, nobody cannot survive a day or two without food, and nobody should say to people to try to survive without food stuffs. Though I treat my people with love and sympathy, how people respect the king in this situation."

Project Charter

King Jeongjo appointed a project manager and released the source of project funding and start time of project at "Jeongyo". This is the "Project Charter" by which King Jeongjo formally authorized the project.

Figure 21: Jeongyo, December 6, 1793
Figure 21: Jeongyo, December 6, 1793


Translation of extract shown in yellow:

"King instructed: 'Hwaseong fortress will be started at the next spring, and I appoint Cho Simtae as Dangsang and Chaeyoungbusa will manage the documentary works. Docheong and Ganbyulyok will keep initial documentary works. I instruct the project funds to be coming from the Keumwiyoung and Eoyoungcheong which will be used during the coming 10 years.'"


Project Governance and Organization  Project Governance and Organization

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