This Guest case study was submitted for publication 8/15/13.
It is copyright to Young Min Park, PMP MSPM, 2013.
Published here March 2014

PART 1 | Introduction to Part 2 | Project Governance and Organization
Stakeholder Management and Project Charter | Project Planning, Scope Planning, and Team Building
Estimating Activity Durations and Project Duration | Project Time Management
Project Cost Management | Project Quality Planning and Control
Project Human Resources Management and Communications
Summary and Conclusions | Issues for Discussion

Introduction to Part 2

In Part 1 of this case study, Young Min Park described the Hwaseong Fortress and provided an overview of the public record that provides the basis for this case study. In this Part 2, he delves more deeply into this valuable factual public record for purposes of studying the management of this 200-year old project in comparison with our present understanding of modern project management. This Part 2 will conclude with a set of questions designed to stimulate discussion amongst student readers for purposes of learning more about project management as it was then, is now and, potentially, could be into the future.


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