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Published here June 2022.

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Defining People Operations | Employees as Customers 
The Success of People Ops | Required Skills and Qualifications of PO Staff

Defining People Operations

People Operations, or People Ops, is a function of HR that puts employees first, improving engagement, development, and — ultimately — retention. Retention is especially essential within a project management team, as large projects often experience a steady turnover of personnel in environments that are not people-centered. A People Ops approach to HR hopes to slow this hemorrhage of talent from projects by focusing on what employees need to do their jobs well and thus enable continued job satisfaction.

People Ops teams are proactive, strategic, and strive to create a culture where employees are proud of their work. Many HR departments have People Ops teams within the department. Some have even rebranded the entire HR department to be "People Operations," where all HR professionals are dedicated to engagement and retention, and not antiquated political decision-making.

Data is integral to a functioning People Ops team. Data is leveraged for crucial business decisions, replacing the old mindset of "this is how we've always done it" and the bureaucracy this mindset brings. Data can be collected from various sources such as exit interviews, employee surveys, or often-used HR metrics. This data improves employee job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention. With a people-centered approach, HR's job becomes shaping a position to fit what people are looking for, instead of attempting to shape people to fit a particular job description.

The Evolution of HR  The Evolution of HR

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