This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Lauren Winans  2022.

Published here June 2022.

Editor's Note | Introduction | The Evolution of HR 
Defining People Operations | Employees as Customers 
The Success of People Ops | Required Skills and Qualifications of PO Staff

Author's Introduction

If there is one thing that all projects need, it's people. In all project management environments, it's the skills and talent of people that make the magic happen, so to speak. As such, it is integral that any company's human resource department that employs project management systems remain a people-centered operation. While you may think that any department with the word "human" in the title would be people-centered as a given, that may not always be the case.

Traditionally, HR departments have been focused on hiring, firing, compliance, and rule-setting. They were overly administrative and very bureaucratic. However, the tides may be changing as a more people-centered approach sweeps across the business world.

Editor's Note  Editor's Note

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