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When I joined the Institute in 1974, the membership was fairly stable for the next several years at around 1000. However, a major spurt in growth occurred in 1977 onwards with the introduction of local chapters. By 1983, the membership had risen to over 4000 comprised of some 30% engineering, construction and heavy industries, 17% computer hardware, software and consulting services, and 5% educational. Since then the numbers have been growing steadily, even though the annual attrition rate has been in the range of 20-30% per year.

In recent years there has been an explosive growth due to the interest and application of formalized project management in the IS/IT sector. I believe that these members, together with those who have interests in "corporate projects" now account for some 60% of total membership. For various reasons, the nature of these projects are very different from those of the "traditional" building type projects, so it is hardly surprising that the nature of the Institute itself has changed dramatically.

Indeed, I recall the time when it was difficult to get many people to recognize that these types of "projects" were real project at all! But then I also recall how difficult it was to convince the Project management Institute Board (of the day) that projects were about change …

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