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The First Contributions and Annual Dues

It was quickly realized that a small amount of money would be required to get an organization started. Contributions were solicited and received from SmithKline & French by Jim Snyder, from Brown & Root by Eric Jenett, and from MCAUTO by Ned Engman. Meanwhile, Gordon Davis managed to convince Georgia Tech's School of Continuing Education to provide the facilities and support as well as take the financial risk for the first meeting. With $300 and a meeting site in hand, plans were laid to start an organization.

In October that year a two day seminar in Advanced Project Management Concepts was conducted by the Department of Continuing Education of the Georgia Institute of Technology. On the evening of the first day, October 9th, at the American Hotel in Atlanta, the existence of the Project Management Institute was announced to a group of approximately eighty people. A total of twenty four "founders" joined the new Institute on the spot. In addition to serving on the first Board of Directors, approving the initial bylaws, and developing membership in their local areas and industries, each founder was expected to support the organizational efforts by a contribution of $20.

This momentous occasion was followed by a news release on October 21, 1969, announcing the launching of the new organization designed to serve the interests of individuals active in the field of project management. The annual dues were set at $15.

Thus it was in the beginning …


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