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Jim Snyder, on the other hand, had been instrumental in introducing network planning to the SK & F operation in Philadelphia. His interest in the technique was not assuaged by his frustration with what could then be done versus the obvious potential in such fields. His frustration and determination were heightened by having completed some course work at Georgia Tech under Dr. Gordon Davis. At the time, Gordon was also running a series of short courses which included PERT/CPM.

These "academic" topics were being conducted under the auspices of the Department of Industrial Engineering in an attempt to convey this sort of material to the working level in industry through the college's Extension Service. In Jim's case, he was using CPM in the scheduling of drug development, testing, FDA approval, physician awareness programs, marketing and some construction projects. He had established a small team from a bright but relatively untrained group of people and found that with a little training and exposure he could make fair schedulers out of them for the SK & F environment.

However, Jim was also frustrated and upset that he and Susan had to do all the training; that he could not offer SK & F personnel the professional ambience and experience of such industrial roles as say, engineers, accountants, cost engineers, or even managers; and that there were no impartial and objective criteria against which he could judge the quality and merit of his programs and personnel.

the mainframe computer  The Mainframe Computer

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