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Concept Gains Ground

This [planning] concept gained ground rapidly, with considerable impetus being given to it by the U.S. Navy and NASA. As David Wilemon noted in his foreword to Russell Archibald's book, Managing High Technology Programs and Projects:

"In the late 1950s considerable attention was focused on the Navy's use of project management in the development of the Polaris program. A few years later, NASA received the attention of practitioners and academicians for the advances it made in project management in administering the large, complex Apollo program. Many observers of management practice are convinced that these programs could not have been successful without the use of project management."

As recent technology blossomed and projects increased in complexity, the necessity for developing various management systems for planning and controlling project performance, schedules and budgets became ever more evident, As a consequence, project management began to permeate research and development, systems implementation, construction, urban development, education and so on. The advent of the electronic computer heralded the possibility of a solution to these sophisticated and complex problems.

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