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Published here June 2016

Introduction | The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework 
Organisational Governance | Organizational Capability to Manage Portfolios Programs and Projects
Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects | Project and Program Management
Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management | Summary | PART 2


The framework for most of the technical aspects of portfolio, program and project management is well understood and increasingly standardized. The areas needing further definition and development are the way an organization defines, initiates, supports and governs its projects and programs.

Governance is the ultimate responsibility of the Board, or equivalent top executive level of an organization. The role of executive management, supported by senior management is to have systems in place to ensure they can properly support the work of project and program managers, support the organizations governance systems and identify issues, problems and opportunities for improvement.

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Next month

Having established a framework for discussing the subject of Project Delivery Capability (PDC), next month in of this paper we'll look at the Strategic Management of Projects in this context.

Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management  Technical Practices that Support
Project & Program Management

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