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Introduction | The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework 
Organisational Governance | Organizational Capability to Manage Portfolios Programs and Projects
Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects | Project and Program Management
Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management | Summary | PART 2

Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management

Some practices are skills focused disciplines such as Scheduling, Earned Value Management, Configuration Management, etc. These competencies are either the direct responsibility of the project/program manager or technical experts supporting the project/program manager and are used to help develop the initial concept prior to project selection/approval (Portfolio Management) as well as during the implementation of the project/program.

Others such as Risk Management, Quality Management and Financial Management are core organizational competencies with a strong cultural component that influence the way the organization "does business" including the business of managing its projects and programs. These overarching competencies need to be attuned to the needs of, and support the work of the projects and programs.

Value Creation

Value is created when the intended benefits are realized either through the sale of the project deliverable to an external client or through the efficient use of the deliverables within the organization. Where the deliverables (outputs) are to be used within the organization, effective organizational change management is crucial;[27] this change requires the Sponsor (and possible the Program Manager) to work efficiently with the organizations line management to ensure the maximum possible level benefits are realized in a sustainable way.

One of the key functions of governance is to ensure the organization's management realize the benefits identified in the business case that was proposed by the organization, and accepted as part of the Portfolio Management process that initiated the project or program in the first place.

Project and Program Management  Project and Program Management

27. For more on organizational change management see:
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