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Published here June 2016

Introduction | The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework 
Organisational Governance | Organizational Capability to Manage Portfolios Programs and Projects
Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects | Project and Program Management
Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management | Summary | PART 2

Project and Program Management

The effective management of the projects and programs authorized by the organization's governance processes to deliver the objectives defined in each project/program's Charter.

Program Management

Program management is the management of a number of projects and other work in a coordinated way so as to achieve efficiencies and benefits that may otherwise not be achieved, and are focused on achieving outcomes and beneficial change.[25]

Programs may be created for a number of different purposes,[26] but always involve the coordinated initiation, management and closure of a number of projects to achieve a unified purpose. Program management is an executive function; the program manager manages other managers, primarily project managers.

Project Management

The efficient management of a project to achieve the outputs and goals defined in the project Charter through the application of processes defined in standards such as ISO 21500 and the PMBOK® Guide.

Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects  Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects

25. For more on Program Management, see:
26. For more on the different types of program see:
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