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Published here June 2016

Introduction | The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework 
Organisational Governance | Organizational Capability to Manage Portfolios Programs and Projects
Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects | Project and Program Management
Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management | Summary | PART 2

The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework

Strategic project management has many different terms for the same general set of management capabilities required to support the efficient delivery of the "right" projects and programs. Some options include:

  • The Management of Projects: Prof. Peter Morris' concept
  • Enterprise Project Management: tends to be used for the supporting software tools
  • Enterprise Project Governance: (used in a book by Paul Dinsmore & Luiz Rocha) focused on How to Manage
  • Projects Successfully Across the Organization. (Governance and management are different processes)
  • Value Delivery Capability: (VDC) used by Jed Simms.
  • Project Delivery Capability: (PDC) our preferred / legacy term

However, the key Terms that we have used in this paper are:

  • Projects and Project Management.
  • Programs and Program Management.
  • Portfolios and Portfolio Management.
  • Project Sponsorship and Project Boards.
  • Project and Program Governance (the sub-set of corporate and organisational governance focused on assisting projects and programs in the delivery of maximum value to the organisation).
  • Organisational Capability including "the management of project management" the organisational support and enablers that facilitate the effective identification and delivery of projects and programs to generate value.
  • PMOs (Project/Program Management Offices).

Some of these and their relationships are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: An Overall Project Delivery Capability Architecture
Figure 1: An Overall Project Delivery Capability Architecture
Introduction  Introduction

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