This Guest paper was submitted for publication in February 2021.
It is copyright to Jessica Fender, 2021.
Published here June 2021

Introduction | Why Is a Content Plan Essential? 
Part 1 - Tips to Implement for Starters | Part 2 - Tips for Content
Part 3 - Tips for Structure  | Part 4 - Tips for Awareness  | Conclusion

Why Is a Content Plan Essential?

The absence of clear objectives and the IT project's scope will prevent achieving the required result; thus, these components are the core of good content planning and should not be ignored. What else should a content manager of an IT project consider to make sure the team is working successfully? Here are eight suggestions:

  • Documented workflow to avoid mess and chaos.
  • Distribution of tasks.
  • Communication tools' accessibility.
  • Flexible content calendar.
  • Training and promotion potential.
  • Transparent communication with stakeholders.
  • Metrics to track and measure progress.
  • Ease of optimization.

Major Elements

The content plan will never be a simple and short document as its development implies covering the following time-consuming elements:

  • IT project's phases: initiation, planning, execution, control, closing.
  • General objectives.
  • What exactly needs to be done during each phase, all tasks must be listed.
  • Connections and interdependencies will help structure the plan better.
  • Roles and responsibilities of involved team members.
  • Critical deadlines.
  • Appropriate milestones throughout the entire project's timeline.
  • Criteria for measuring the success.
  • Considering risk factors and assumptions.

This may look overwhelming given the constant development of techniques, strategies, and ideas in the modern globalized world. But at the same time, mastering these components in your content plan will ensure the success for your entire career. Many more projects are waiting for smart, motivated, and meticulous people who can nail it.

The following four Parts summarize a total of 16 Tips to Implement and Follow While Writing.

Introduction   Introduction

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